We are Pleased to Announce…

Paul has joined Anteam! The latest member of our team is an entrepreneurial Economics and Management graduate from the University of Oxford. Paul is our new Marketing Assistant; we are confident that his previous marketing experience and flair for innovation will make him a key asset to our team. 

During his time at Oxford, Paul enjoyed studying the theory aspect of his degree. He looks forward to deploying his theoretical expertise in a real-life context.

Paul has previous marketing experience garnered from a previous internship which he hopes to use – and build upon them further – to drive Anteam’s growth.

A significant motivation for Paul wishing to join Anteam was our eco-friendly and ethical focus. Paul found resonance with Anteam’s commitment to giving back to society. He believes the role is an intriguing personal opportunity as he has the chance to facilitate a positive societal impact. As a Marketing Assistant Paul is now determined to develop Anteam into a strong and trustworthy brand.