At Anteam we are passionate about bringing communities together. We have developed an app where communities can come together by volunteering their time to do deliveries for each other.

Watch Our Video

Watch a short introductory video on how Anteam Community works.

Be A Requester

Sometimes in life, you need an extra hand to help out with shopping or picking up deliveries. During the pandemic volunteers across the country went out to do the shopping and pick up deliveries for those who were shielding.

Anteam believes that people may still need help and it should be quick and easy to reach out. We hope Requesters won’t be shy about asking for deliveries because it’s completely voluntary for helpers to accept.

Be A Helper

Our Community Helpers accept to pick up orders voluntarily, you can decide when and if you want to go and collect it. We want our Helpers to feel like real community heroes. The positive impact on people’s lives you will be making could be huge.

We Care For Communities

Anteam has been making Covid-secure deliveries for those shielding because we want to make communities thrive.