How does the app work?
It works in 5 easy steps:
You, as a requester, puts a request in the app for a delivery.
You provide details of the item(s), order reference number(s) as well as the locations and times of the collection and delivery.
Helpers will see a list of requested deliveries and select the one(s) they can help with.
Helpers update the status of the delivery – from the delivery starting, to the items being collected.
You, the requester, receives your items when the helpers turn up.

Who is a requester?
A requester is anyone who puts a delivery request into the app. For the trial period, there is no fee to be paid for this service as the delivery requests are fulfilled by volunteers in your local community.

Who is a helper?
A helper is someone who is volunteering to help the local community preform delivery jobs. They are doing this to help their local communities and are not paid by anyone to do this.

What can a helper help me with?
The app is built to allow delivery requests to be registered easily by requesters. It is also built to make fulfilling these delivery requests as convenient as possible for helpers, whilst requesters are provided with updates on the status of their delivery. If there are features you think will be useful, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas either through the feedback functionality in the app, or by emailing us directly at info@anteam.co.uk.

What can a helper deliver?
We hope that the app is used to request collection and delivery for items like groceries, clothing, electronics, toys, homeware, hardware, etc. For local small businesses, you may inform them that someone will be coming to collect the items from them and agree an order reference number or a unique identification such as your name and address. Then, provide this information to the helpers via the app so that they can collect the right order(s) for you when they turn up. For major retailers, you may have to order your items through the retailer’s “Click & Collect” system (or equivalent) and provide the Order Reference Number to the helpers to aid their collection and delivery.
Please note that some helpers have limited abilities to delivery “large”, “heavy” or “perishable” items. Therefore, if your collection or delivery contains such items, please let the helpers know by providing more details in your request.
We think:
Any items larger than 1m in any dimension would be considered a “large item”
Any single items heavier than 10kgs would be considered a “heavy item”
Any item that cannot last in the boot of a vehicle for more than 30 minutes would be considered “perishable”.

How do I become a helper?
Everyone on this app trial is participating on an “invite-only” basis. We have only limited people from a local community in Nottingham for this trial. If you are someone who would like to help your local community, and local business, you can choose become a helper. How you deliver the items is up to you – you may use your car, van, motorcycle, bicycle or even be on foot. Please take into account the distance you need to travel and the time available for you to make the requested delivery. If the requested delivery contains “large”, “heavy” or “perishable” items, please make sure that you have the means to make these deliveries safely and without damaging the items you are delivering.

If I request a delivery, is the delivery guaranteed?
When you make a request for delivery, your request will appear on the list of all requests made by your local community. Then, it is up to available helpers to select which deliveries they can help with. Therefore, there is no 100% guarantee that every delivery request can be fulfilled. As more helpers are signed up to the app, the probability of having someone who can help will be increased.

How do I know if there is a helper available and if my job has been accepted?
When you make a request for delivery, your request will appear on the list of all requests made by your local community. When a helper decides to help with your delivery request, the helper will accept the job and the status of your request will be updated in the app. The job will be moved from the “Available Jobs” list to “In Progress”. The requester can get further updates about the delivery request by clicking on the request itself.

Is the timing of the delivery drop-off guaranteed?
The helper who has decided to help with a delivery request would endeavour to collect and delivery the items within the specified time window. However, there may be instances when the helper is delayed e.g., due to traffic conditions. We recommend that requesters remain contactable on their mobile phone (the number provided to the app during registration) around the delivery time window in case the helper needs to be in contact regarding the delivery.

Are the items insured if delivered via the app?
We are currently not charging for this service and are providing this app to help local communities and local businesses. Equally, the helpers collecting and delivering the items are volunteers helping their local communities and businesses. On this basis, we have no means to provide any insurance for items collected and delivered by the helpers. The risk you are taking is exactly the same as if you were to request for help via social media and is responded by a local volunteer.

Can I invite others to join this app trial?
If you think someone could benefit from access to the app trial, whether as a requester or a helper, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch through the feedback functionality in the app, or by emailing us directly at info@anteam.co.uk.