Request Deliveries

As a Customer

Looking for something to be collected and delivered at your convenience?

1. Submit a task and choose a time that works for you on the Anteam app.

2. A friendly Helper will pick up and drop off your item at your requested time.

3. Congratulate yourself on choosing an ethical and environmentally-friendly delivery service.

As a requester, you are able to request for any item to be picked up and delivered at the time you wish! Once you have submitted a delivery request through our app, you will then need to wait and see if a delivery helper is happy to accept. If they have accepted then you can enjoy your time until they come and drop off your delivery at the time you want.

When you make a request, please make sure you have all the details about your item to inform and guide the delivery helper. Try and be as specific as possible so that our helper is well equipped for your request!

After this, you can set the times for when you want the item to be collected and delivered. Before a job is accepted by a helper feel free to edit your order as many times as you like but once it has been accepted you will be unable to change it. 

You are more than welcome to tip your delivery helpers! They work hard to support our community.

Scan the QR code using your phone to download the Anteam App