We are Pleased to Announce…

Rory has joined Anteam! Rory is the newest member of our team and is undertaking the role of Environmental Research Officer. Rory has a Master’s degree in Global Environment, Politics & Society from the University of Edinburgh. Before joining Anteam, he was a Research Assistant at the House of Lords, where he specialised in writing about biodiversity loss in the UK.

While studying, Rory joined a student-led think tank to create policy proposals to solve real-world problems. To do this, his team thought of ways to reduce car pollution within the city. Rory contributed by publishing a report to find solutions to increase the uptake in bike hires in the city of Edinburgh.

Rory gained his environmental campaign skills from an internship he undertook with the New Zealand Labour Party. His role was to recruit new volunteers and to organise campaign events for the local community. It was through this role that Rory discovered the power of community engagement and empathising with local people.

He is eager to begin his role as he believes that Anteam represents both community engagement and environmentalism. Rory hopes that through his role he can reduce CO2 emissions by taking cars off the road while also facilitating positive community ethos by engaging with volunteers.