World Environment Day

Every year on June 5th the world celebrates the United Nations World Environment Day. This is an important day of the calendar year for those committed to environmental protection. This year the day will be organised by India, and the event will underscore the environmental challenges that the world faces now and in the future.

On World Environment Day it is vital to raise awareness about environmental issues. The theme for Environment Day 2021 is ‘Reimagine, Recreate and Restore’ as 2021 marks the start of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. One of the causes of ecosystem degradation has been the effects of climate change. Therefore, Anteam is pleased to celebrate UN World Environment Day by reaffirming its commitment to reducing CO2.

Anteam is focused on reducing UK emissions by targeting transport as it is the highest emitting sector in the UK. By innovating the way society conducts deliveries, we can reduce the numbers of trips taken by cars and vans. With fewer vehicles on the road, there will be fewer emissions and less air pollution within our towns and cities.

What action do you intend to make?