Anteam’s Free Weekend Delivers for the Local Community

Anteam is pleased to share that its Free Delivery Weekend was a great success! We succeeded in meeting our dual goals of forging connections with members of the community and empowering local businesses. Building up to the weekend, our team of staff and volunteers reported on the overwhelmingly positive reception they faced by local businesses. We hope to learn from the weekend and to use the connections made as a springboard.

The week running up to Delivery Weekend was an opportunity to investigate whether Anteams ‘pitch’ would be well-received by local businesses. Confidence and morale were high as during a coffee morning the team practiced how they would approach businesses. It didn’t take long before Anteam required its first business sign-up from a florist called Living Flowers. After the first session, the team reported on how businesses often stated their appreciation for Anteam’s local roots and green credentials.

Over the course of the weekend, numerous deliveries were made for businesses and members of the community! Anteam made a gift delivery of plants to the local high school for Living Flowers. We were also grateful for the opportunity to make a Covid safe delivery to a member of the community who was shielding. And we even made a light-hearted delivery of snacks and prosecco to a family holding a garden party for the England football game!

Anteam is proud of the work made by the staff and volunteers who successfully operated the Delivery Weekend. The team learned a great deal and fostered a great sense of comradery. Anteam wishes to thank the establishments of Living Flowers and Mercado Deli as well as members of the community for collaborating with us in making the weekend a great success. And finally, we wish to thank the volunteers for going out and spending their time handing out flyers and engaging with businesses.